rockledge massage
rockledge massage
Serenity Springs Massage & Bodywork is a place of serenity, calm and warmth.  Enjoy the gift of restoring harmony and balance to your life.  Nurture a healthy balance in body, mind and spirit by spending time with us and experiencing traditional as well as progressive, fresh new massage and skin care treatments.

Life-giving rituals have been practiced in every culture since the beginning of time.  Ancient people lived in balance with the rhythms of nature and understood that each person is a unique combination of elements with individual needs at different times.  Inspired by their work within these ancient cultures worldwide, Serenity Springs merges techniques and philosophies from around the world into a potent blend of treatments for our time.

Conveniently located just one block off U.S. 1 in Rockledge, we are committed to taking gentle care of you, purifying your body to create peace of mind and tranquility of spirit.
 Serenity Springs Massage & Bodywork, Inc. * 1231 Florida Avenue * Rockledge, FL 32955 * (321) 693-3030
 Stephanie Zuaro * MA-43814 MM-20077    

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